Fly First Class with Fox Management International. Let us remove the hassles of aircraft ownership off your tray table and replace them with mouthwatering, inflight culinary excellence… and much more!

With over 80 years of combined industry experience, Fox Management International works diligently to provide quality service while still maintaining a high level of safety, sophistication and serenity. Rest assured, when you choose Fox Aviation Group you choose security, on the ground and at 30,000 feet.

The benefits of private jet ownership should not be spoiled by the added responsibilities of employing a flight department, tracking maintenance, fuel price negotiations and FBO assessments. Fox Management International is here to work for you. We are here to enhance the luxury of aircraft ownership.

Our management program offers numerous benefits, for both individual ownership and flight departments alike.

It is our pleasure to provide the following services:

  • Reliable, detail-oriented aircraft management
  • Consistent, quality service and services
  • Professional, fully trained flight crew
  • Handling of Flight Permits
  • Detailed Fixed and Variable cost tracking
  • Aircraft wash and detailing
  • Vehicle wash and detailing?
  • Secured hangar space at a number of FBOs world-wide
  • Exclusive facilities at a quality FBOs
  • Discount fleet fuel program
  • Complete tail number confidentiality
  • Fully trained staff with CRM, HAZMAT, RVSM, MNPS, PBN, Initial and Re-current pilot training every 12 months
  • Invoice simplicity
  • Limitless concierge services

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