Proven the most important part of owning a private jet, maintenance must be at the top of every aircraft owner’s priority list. As an extension of our top-rated quality service comes Boca Aircraft Maintenance. They specialize in Falcons, LearJets, Challengers, Eclipses and Gulfstreams. From 12-month to 12-year inspections, scheduled or non-scheduled maintenance, Boca Aircraft Maintenance proves to be reliable and efficient, time and time again. With 10 certifications, ability to service in 8 states in the Southeast, parts purchasing availability and much more, Boca Aircraft Maintenance is our number one choice when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Maintenance Includes

• Lube Oil and Filter Changes
• Major and Minor Repairs
• Tire and Wheel Service
• Alterations
• Anti-Corrosion Treatments
• Minor and Major Engine Diagnosis
• Timing Checks
• Pressurized Sections
• Brakes
• Hydraulics
• Valve Pumps
• Accessories

Services includes

• Pre-Purchase & Routine Inspections.
• Structural repairs and aircraft modifications (STC’s).
• Import/Exports.
• Avionics installation and IFR certifications.
• Weight and Balance
• DER and DAR Services.
• Aircraft Delivery (National & International).


Basic line-checks and pre-flight maintenance takes place in-house through a fully certified technician employed with Fox Aviation Group to ensure every flight fully satisfies FAA safety requirements and regulations.

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