Inflight Catering

As Fox Aviation Group’s preferred in-flight catering service, Cielgourmet continuously pushes the envelope when it comes to unique, mouthwatering food. Executive Chef Daniele Cosmo creates exceptional dishes inspired by cuisine from South America, Asia, Europe and the States. His personal venture is to prepare food that leaves a lasting impression on the passenger, creating anticipation for their next flight. There is no doubt Daniele consistently raises the standards for all in-flight caterers.

Born and raised in Milan, his classic Italian baking flourished into an art in the fine dining industry. His collaboration with chef Giancarlo Morelli led to the opening of two restaurants; one in Saint Moritz, Barcelona and another in London. He quickly mastered Asian cuisine working at Zuma and just three years after opened his own restaurant at Panama’s Trump Ocean Club in 2010.

Cielgourmet covers every craving from sweet tooth to sushi. You name it and they’ll create a dining experience you won’t soon forget.
Together, Cielgourmet and Fox Aviation Group continuously strive to capture the corporate aviation industry with passion and professionalism.

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